Dorithricin®: Active substances

Dorithricin®: active-ingredients Dorithricin® is more than a conventional throat medication. Dorithricin® contains a unique active ingredient formula with active ingredients that synergistically complement and support one another in a medically beneficial way. What this means is that you not only get fast relief from throat soreness and swallowing difficulties – Dorithricin® also fights bacteria and viruses1 effectively preventing the infection from worsening.

Unique active ingredient formula

The medically beneficial combination of active ingredients in Dorithricin® convincingly treats sore throat and swallowing difficulties in multiple ways:

Dorithricin® – The throat medicine

  • Blocks the pain.
    A local analgesic agent quickly provides pain relief.
  • Fights bacteria und viruses1
    The natural anti-infective agent tyrothricin combats bacterial pathogens without the risk of developing a resistance. A local antiseptic with disinfectant action synergistically complements the effect of tyrothricin. Above and beyond this, tyrothricin has a pronounced antiviral effect in combination with the other active ingredients in Dorithricin.
  • Slows down the infection
    Tyrothricin moreover has local immunostimulatory properties and is therefore able to slow down infections before the sore throat becomes worse.

Fast. Effective. Without resistance.

Fast pain relief

The local analgesic active ingredient is contained in Dorithricin® at a medically beneficial dosage so that the pain is quickly alleviated without causing unpleasant numbness. The motto is: As much as necessary and as little as possible. In this context, our experts call this the “dose of reason”.

That added benefit: Tyrothricin – a natural anti-infective agent

The natural anti-infective tyrothricin is of particular importance in the unique active ingredient formula in Dorithricin®: It combats bacterial pathogens and slows the bacterial infection without the risk of developing resistances. Above and beyond this, tyrothricin has a pronounced antiviral effect in combination with the other active ingredients in Dorithricin®. The anti-infective effect is thus directed not only against bacteria, but also against several virus strains known as “cold viruses”1.

You should know: Viruses are the cause of pharyngitis in up to 90% of cases. However, not infrequently, bacterial pathogens can also settle in the course of a viral infection, which may ultimately progress to a bacterial superinfection (e.g. tonsillitis). One more reason to rely on Dorithricin® with the special active ingredient tyrothricin in the early stages of sore throat.
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Doregrippin® Packungsbeilagen International
Doregrippin® Packungsbeilagen International

Dorithricin®: International Package Leaflets

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1 Schmidbauer, M., 2015: Dorithricin® is an efficacious antiviral drug (in vitro) [German: Dorithricin® wirkt antiviral (in vitro)]. Pharm. Ztg., 160th Annual Edition, 38th Issue: p. 48-52
2 As long as children are old enough to suck on lozenges without risk of choking.
Dorithricin® Classic Throat Lozenges / Dorithricin® Huckleberry Throat Lozenges.
For symptomatic treatment of infections of the mouth and throat that cause sore throat and discomfort when swallowing. For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and consult your doctor or chemist. Version dated: 10/2013. MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG, Kuhloweg 37, 58638 Iserlohn, Germany.
Dorithricin® International Package Leaflets
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Dorithricin® International Package Leaflets

Available for download in 9 languages