Sore throat in children

Sore throat in children In children and adolescents, sore throats and swallowing difficulties usually occur as symptoms of a cold. And that is not a rare occurrence. It is estimated that, on average, children are affected 3 to 8 times a year. All the more important that you can count on reliable, well-tolerated sore throat treatment.
Tip: Dorithricin® Throat Lozenges are sugar-free, extremely well tolerated and also suitable for children as soon as they can suck on lozenges without any risk of choking. Thanks to their delicious forest berry flavour, Dorithricin® forest berry Throat Lozenges are a particular favourite of children.

Causes of sore throat in children

Sore throat in children usually occurs in combination with a cold. In fact, children suffer from colds quite often. One reason why: Their immune systems are not yet fully developed and can therefore only partially ward off pathogens. In addition, the risk of infection in kindergarten or at school is particularly high. Many children gathered together in narrow quarters makes it child's play for pathogens to cause the common cold. 

In principle, however, sore throat can be indicative of other clinical pictures – like scarlet fever – as well. The following table provides an initial overview of possible causes, but cannot replace an accurate diagnosis by a paediatrician.

Clinical picture Sore throat Other symptoms
Common cold (flu-like infection) often in conjunction with pharyngitis At the beginning, those suffering often experience a scratchy sensation in the throat, later sore throat and possibly swallowing difficulties Runny nose, cough, hoarseness, mild headache and pain in the limbs and joints, elevated temperature
Tonsillitis Severe sore throat and swallowing difficulties Fever, pronounced malaise, mouth odour, swollen, reddened tonsils partly covered with white specks; possibly also abdominal pain and vomiting
Scarlet fever Sore throat, swallowing difficulties Fever, swollen lymph nodes, pronounced malaise, skin rash, "raspberry tongue"
Important: For certain symptoms, it is imperative that you take your child to the doctor. In principle, this also applies when small children have a sore throat or when their sore throat is prolonged and severe. Please also refer to the info box at the top right.

Sore throat in small children – how to correctly interpret symptoms

Small children (younger than pre-schoolers) often cannot correctly describe pain. Therefore, indirect indications should also be considered. For example, refusing to eat can be related to sore throat.

If you suspect that your small child or infant is experiencing sore throat, always consult your doctor.

Treating sore throat in children

For the treatment of sore throat in children, prescription-free medication is available at the pharmacy.

Sore throat in children
Tip: Dorithricin® Throat Lozenges are extremely well tolerated and also suitable for children as soon as they can suck on lozenges without any risk of choking. The throat lozenges alleviate pain without causing unpleasant numbness. They also combat bacteria and viruses1.
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In addition to targeted sore throat treatment with Dorithricin® Throat Lozenges, supportive remedies may be helpful. This includes increased fluid intake as well as humidification of the air and household remedies such as a home-made hot compress made from mashed baked potatoes or sage tea. Further tips for parents can be found here.

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1 Schmidbauer, M., 2015: Dorithricin® is an efficacious antiviral drug (in vitro) [German: Dorithricin® wirkt antiviral (in vitro)]. Pharm. Ztg., 160th Annual Edition, 38th Issue: p. 48-52
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