Swallowing difficulties

Swallowing difficulties Swallowing difficulties and sore throats often go hand-in-hand—these symptoms are not uncommon, especially in the case of a cold or the full-blown flu (influenza). However, other clinical pictures, such as tonsillitis, are also associated with severe discomfort when swallowing.

With its unique active ingredient formula, Dorithricin® ® throat lozenges quickly and effectively provide relief for swallowing difficulties and sore throat while simultaneously combating the causative pathogens (bacteria and viruses1).

Swallowing difficulties: causes

There are multiple possible causes of pain when swallowing. It is very common for a cold or a flu to lead to swallowing difficulties in conjunction with a sore throat.

Swallowing difficulties during a cold
A cold often starts out quite harmlessly – nothing more than an unpleasant scratchy sensation in the throat. But the symptoms worsen rapidly, so that after a few days it progresses to a sore throat, runny nose and cough.

If pharyngitis, also develops, swallowing difficulties and fever are also possible alongside the symptoms mentioned.

Swallowing difficulties during the flu (influenza)
The onset of the flu is usually very sudden. From one moment to the next, a fever and a strong feeling of malaise develop. Swallowing difficulties and a sore throat accompanied by headache and pain in the limbs and joints are typical. Unlike the common cold, however, a runny nose is rare.

Swallowing difficulties concurrent with tonsillitis
The main symptoms of tonsillitis are sore throat and swallowing difficulties. Fever, headache and pain in the limbs and joints alongside fatigue are also typical symptoms. Not least, it is the reddened, swollen tonsils that are typical of tonsillitis. When bacteria are the pathogens, whitish patches (white spotted coating) also appear on the tonsils.

For more information about tonsillitis, click here

Dorithricin®: Tips for treating swallowing difficulties

Dorithricin® throat lozenges from the local chemist have proved a reliable aid for treating swallowing difficulties and sore throat: Indeed, the unique active ingredient formula in Dorithricin® not only blocks pain, but also combats bacteria and viruses1 and slows down the infection.
  • A local analgesic agent quickly provides pain relief.
  • The natural anti-infective tyrothricin has an excellent antibacterial effect. It combats bacterial pathogens without the fear that resistances will develop. In addition, a new scientific study has shown that tyrothricin, in combination with the other active ingredients in Dorithricin®, has pronounced antiviral properties as well, i.e. it also combats viruses1. Not least, tyrothricin has local immunostimulatory properties and is therefore able to slow down the infection before the sore throat becomes worse.
  • The effect of tyrothricin is supplemented by an additional local antiseptic and completes the sensible combination of active ingredients in Dorithricin®.

This is why Dorithricin® is especially effective against sore throat and swallowing difficulties – alongside the fact that it's exceptionally well tolerated. Learn more about Dorithricin® throat lozenges.

Supplementary remedies for treating swallowing difficulties

In addition to Dorithricin® throat lozenges, there is quite a bit you can do yourself to get additional relief from discomfort when swallowing.

Here are some suggestions for self-help:

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Gargle with sage tea
  • Apply a home-made curd compress

Find out even more here Tips for treating swallowing difficulties.

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