Active ingredients

Works within minutes1
Lasts for hours1
Fights bacteria and viruses2
4.9/5 (287 ratings)

Dorithricin®: Active ingredients

Dorithricin® is more than a conventional throat medication. Dorithricin® contains a unique active ingredient formula with active ingredients that synergistically complement and support each another in a medically meaningful way. This means that you not only get rapid relief from a sore throat and swallowing difficulties. Dorithricin® also effectively fights bacteria and viruses, preventing the infection from worsening.

Active ingredients:

  • Tyrothricin 0.5 mg
  • Benzalkonium Chloride 1.0 mg
  • Benzocaine 1.5 mg

Rapid and long-lasting pain relief

The local analgesic contained in Dorithricin® is present in an effective dosage, thus providing rapid and lasting relief. At the same time, there is no unpleasant numbness. True to the motto: As much as necessary, as little as possible. In this context, our experts also refer to it as the “dose of reason”.

The added benefit: Effective against bacteria AND viruses2

In addition to the local analgesic, Dorithricin® contains two other locally effective ingredients that effectively fight the pathogens during treatment. Dorithricin® therefore not only fights bacterial pathogens and slows down bacterial infections, but is also effective against main cold viruses.

Good to know
In up to 80% of cases, a sore throat is caused by viruses. But it is not uncommon for bacterial pathogens to settle in the course of a viral infection, which can ultimately lead to a bacterial superinfection (e.g. tonsillitis). One more reason to rely on Dorithricin® for the treatment of sore throat.

Read more on the subject

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