Suitable for the whole family

Works within minutes1
Lasts for hours1
Fights bacteria and viruses2
4.9/5 (287 ratings)

Dorithricin®: Suitable for the whole family

The throat remedy for the whole family. Dorithricin® Throat Lozenges are very well tolerated and sugar-free. This means that children can also take Dorithricin® as soon as they are old enough to suck on lozenges without the risk of choking.

Extra tip
The wild berry-flavoured Dorithricin® Throat Lozenges, which are also sugar-free and taste delicious, are particularly suitable for young children with a sore throat.

Important note:
Since infants and toddlers are unable to suck properly, proper use of the lozenges cannot be ensured. Therefore, Dorithricin® Throat Lozenges must not be given to children under 24 months of age.* Dorithricin® is only suitable for children who are able to suck on lozenges without the risk of choking, usually when they are over 2 to 4 years old.

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2 Schmidbauer M., 2015: Dorithricin® wirkt antiviral (in vitro). Pharm. Ztg., 160. Jahrgang, 38. Ausg.: S. 48–52.
*The approved age for Dorithricin® may vary in different countries. Please refer to the local package leaflet or ask your doctor or pharmacist.