Tips for parents

Rest instead of running around

If your child has a cold and is complaining of a sore throat, the best thing to do is to stay at home and rest. Your child can usually decide whether it prefers to lie on the couch or go to bed. If, for example, your child has a fever as well, it will probably agree to go to bed for a rest.

Creating a “healing environment”

Children recover more quickly in the right environment. Therefore, you should try to create optimal recovery conditions. The room temperature should be 18° Celsius during the day and 15° Celsius at night. Air the room several times a day for about 10 minutes each time, but make sure that your child is not exposed to any draughts. Hang damp cloths/laundry on a drying rack to help humidify the ambient air – this will also soothe the mucous membranes .

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Encourage your child to drink more

Drinking plenty of fluids is important to hydrate the inflamed mucous membranes and provide relief from soreness. You should encourage your child to drink more by offering them a drink – warm tea or non-carbonated mineral water is particularly beneficial. Strongly diluted fruit juices are also an option, but avoid pure fruit juices, as the acidity may irritate the mucous membrane unnecessarily.

Home remedies

Use selected home remedies to provide additional relief for your child. For example, a mashed potato compress can be helpful (heat therapy!). A glass of hot milk with honey can also provide relief for a sore throat and is a delicious treat for many children as well.

Extra tip:
Make sure that your child is wearing warm clothes and that the neck is kept warm (e.g. with a scarf).

When is it time to see the doctor?

A sore throat can usually be treated well at home with suitable medicines from the pharmacy and supplementary remedies. In some cases, however, a visit to the doctor is recommendable. This may be the case, for example, if the throat pain is very severe or if accompanying symptoms occur, such as fever, severe swallowing difficulties or also a rash (this may indicate scarlet fever if accompanied by a sore throat). A visit to the doctor is also recommended if your child has an earache.

When infants and toddlers are ill, visiting the doctor is indispensable.

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*for age information please refer to the package leaflet in your country or ask your local chemist or doctor
3 suitable for children as soon as they are able to suck on lozenges without a risk of choking.