Sore throat

Sore throat

There are different causes for sore throat, including as a concomitant symptom of colds – virtually everyone has experienced this ailment at one time or another. It is interesting that the perception of sore throat is highly individual and can vary significantly from person to person and from illness to illness. What often starts as a scratchy sensation, itching or tingling in the throat, develops into a feeling of dryness in some people, while, in others, it can develop into an intense burning or stabbing feeling and can extend to the proverbial lump in the throat or a feeling of having swallowed a handful of broken glass.

Good to know:
Regardless of the individual perception of sore throat, Dorithricin® Throat Lozenges have proven to be a rapid, effective and lasting treatment suitable for the whole family thanks to their antibacterial and antiviral action.

Sore throat

  • Pharyngitis — A common symptom of the common cold
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  • Influenza (flu)
  • Laryngitis
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  • Tonsillitis
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  • Mumps, measles or scarlet fever (usually in children)
  • Allergies
  • Smoking
  • Reflux disease (oesophagus)

Sore throat
When is it time to go to the doctor?

  • Very severe sore throat
  • Severe difficulties swallowing
  • Severe feeling of malaise
  • High fever
  • Lack of improvement despite attempts at treatment
  • Unusual accompanying symptoms (e.g. skin rash)
  • Breathing problems

Sore throat typical for pharyngitis

Sore throat often occurs in the course of a cold. Many colds announce themselves with an unpleasant scratchy sensation in the throat that eventually develops into sore throat. Other symptoms such as runny nose and cough frequently follow.

Pharyngitis, a painful inflammation of the pharyngeal mucous membrane, is often an accompanying symptom of the common cold and can be associated with severe sore throat and fever.

The triggers are generally viruses, less often bacteria. Bacteria often settle on a viral infection, however. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to a bacterial superinfection (e.g. tonsillitis).

If you have a sore throat, this makes it all the more important to use a sore throat remedy that also combats bacterial pathogens at an early stage.

With its unique formula of active ingredients, Dorithricin® not only relieves a sore throat quickly and in a lasting manner, but also fights bacteria and viruses, thus slowing down the infection.

Works within minutes1
Lasts for hours1
Fights bacteria and viruses2
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Provides relief for sore throat: Dorithricin® is effective during any stage of a throat infection

Dorithricin® is a real classic when it comes to treating sore throat. And with good reason. Indeed, the unique active ingredient formula in Dorithricin® counteracts sore throat in multiple ways.

Dorithricin® - The throat medicine

  • Blocks the pain. A local analgesic agent quickly provides pain relief.
  • Fights bacteria and viruses2. The natural anti-infective agent tyrothricin combats bacterial pathogens without the risk of developing a resistance. A local antiseptic and disinfecting active ingredient effectively complements the effect of tyrothricin. In addition, in combination with the other active ingredients in Dorithricin®, tyrothricin has a pronounced antiviral effect
  • Slows down the infection. Last but not least, tyrothricin also has local immunostimulatory properties and is therefore able to slow down infections before your sore throat becomes worse.

Dorithricin® Throat Lozenges can be taken during any stage of a throat infection, no matter whether you have a slight scratchy sensation in the throat or are already experiencing severe sore throat. Even if you have tonsillitis, a possible consequence of a bacterial superinfection, Dorithricin® can be used for acute pain relief following consultation with your physician. This graphic illustrates the course of a throat infection and the possible applications of Dorithricin®:

Another advantage of throat lozenges: Sucking on throat lozenges stimulates salivation, effectively moistening the irritated pharyngeal mucosa. This provides additional relief and is therefore a plus for effective therapy.

What can you do to get relief from sore throat?
Complementary remedies

In addition to the use of Dorithricin® there is quite a bit you can do to get relief from sore throat.
This includes the following:

  • Gargling with sage or chamomile tea
  • Avoiding physical exertion
  • Abstinence from smoking
  • Drinking plenty of fluids to moisten the mucous membranes

If you have a fever, paracetamol may also be indicated.
For more information, see Tips for treating sore throat.

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