Tips to relieve a sore throat

Keep your neck warm

Keep your neck and chest warm, for example, by wearing a soft scarf made of wool or silk, all while ensuring that you do not sweat. Also recommendable: avoid draughts.

Drink plenty of fluids!

The mucosa of the throat is inflamed and probably very dry – ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated from the inside by drinking about 2 litres of fluid per day. Ideally, you should drink warm tea (e.g. chamomile) or hot milk with honey. A hearty soup of chicken broth also gives your body more fluids and supports your body’s own defences.

Avoid fruit juices because they tend to irritate the pharyngeal mucosa unnecessarily.

Works within minutes1
Lasts for hours1
Fights bacteria and viruses2
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Dorithricin® throat lozenges

The unique active ingredient formula in Dorithricin® has proved optimally effective for sore throat and swallowing difficulties: It alleviates pain and additionally fights bacteria and viruses.

A local analgesic provides rapid and lasting pain relief. The natural anti-infective tyrothricin specifically targets bacterial pathogens without the risk of developing resistance. Above and beyond this, tyrothricin has a pronounced antiviral effect in combination with the other active ingredients in Dorithricin®. Not least, tyrothricin is well-known for its local immune-stimulating properties. This supports the body’s own defence against pathogens and slows down the infection. An additional local antiseptic rounds off the formula and supports the effect of tyrothricin.

Dorithricin® is well tolerated and suitable for the whole family. The throat lozenges are available in pharmacies without a prescription as Classic lozenges (with a fresh mint flavour) and as Wild Berry lozenges.

Continue reading here to find out more about Dorithricin®.

Home-made mashed potato compresses

Mashed potato compresses help alleviate a sore throat by providing uniform heat to the area and, if necessary, can be used in addition to treatment with Dorithricin® throat lozenges. To prepare a compress:

  • Boil 2-3 potatoes with the skin, then mash them and place them in a kitchen towel while still hot
  • Wrap the towel around your neck, but be careful: check that it is not too hot before placing it on your skin
  • Wrap a scarf around the compress to keep it in place
  • The compress should be worn until it cools down – repeat several times

By the way: The compress can also be worn overnight.

Home-made curd compresses

A curd compress has a cooling effect and has therefore proved to be a particularly useful home remedy for treating inflammatory processes (e.g. tonsillitis). To prepare a compress:

  • Spread a thin layer of fresh curd on a linen cloth
  • Place the curd-covered side of the cloth onto the throat
  • Wrap a scarf around the compress to keep it in place
  • The compress should be worn until the curd has dried (about 1-2 hours) – repeat several times

Cold compresses are not suitable for patients experiencing chills.

Humidifying the air

Dry air from heaters and air-conditioned rooms are essentially toxic for a sore throat. Why is this? The mucous membranes are already irritated and dry. This makes it all the more important to optimise the ambient air. You can do this by placing a small bowl of water on the heater or simply hanging up damp cloths in the room.

Regularly open the windows to let in some fresh air during the day.

When is it time to visit the doctor with a sore throat?

A sore throat can generally be treated quite well at home. In some cases, however, a visit to the doctor is sensible. This is especially true if the symptoms last longer than three days or if the symptoms are particularly severe. Visiting the doctor is also recommendable in the presence of accompanying symptoms such as high fever, skin rash or breathing problems. The same holds true if the tongue is raspberry red in colour, the tonsils are coated with white spots, and/or the lymph nodes are swollen.

Always see a doctor in case of a sore throat during pregnancy or breastfeeding as well as in younger children.

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*for age information please refer to the package leaflet in your country or ask your local chemist or doctor