Unique active ingredient formula

Works within minutes1
Lasts for hours1
Fights bacteria and viruses2
4.9/5 (287 ratings)

Unique active ingredient formula

Dorithricin® is a real classic among tablets for a sore throat and has proven its worth in the treatment of sore throat and swallowing difficulties for decades. The effect of Dorithricin® is based on its unique active ingredient formula: A local pain-relieving agent, a locally effective antimicrobial peptide and a local antiseptic agent complement and support each other in their effects.

Active ingredients:

  • Tyrothricin 0.5 mg
  • Benzalkonium Chloride 1.0 mg
  • Benzocaine 1.5 mg

Dorithricin® provides rapid and long-lasting pain relief

Dorithricin® contains a proven, local analgesic in a medically beneficial dosage. The advantage: Dorithricin® fights a sore throat and swallowing difficulties quickly and in a lasting manner without causing unpleasant numbness in the mouth. A clear advantage compared to many other sore throat remedies!

When it comes to dosing the local pain-relieving agent, our experts follow the motto: "As much as necessary, as little as possible".

Dorithricin® fights the pathogens (bacteria and viruses) and slows down the infection

Dorithricin® is more than just a pain-relieving throat medicine. In addition to the local pain-relieving agent, Dorithricin® contains two other active ingredients that complement each other in their effect and also target the pathogens during treatment: The antimicrobial peptide in particular plays a central role here, since it not only has excellent antibacterial properties, but also exerts an antiviral effect in combination with the other active ingredients, thus targeting multiple virus strains known as "cold viruses". Last, but not least, the antimicrobial peptide is known for its local immune-stimulating properties. This supports the body's own defences in the fight against the pathogens and slows down the infection.

A local antiseptic  with disinfectant properties supplements the active formula of Dorithricin® in a meaningful way and completes the unique combination of active ingredients in Dorithricin®.

Good to know
Even if a sore throat and swallowing difficulties are mostly caused by viruses, there is a risk that bacteria can settle on top of such an infection. The possible consequence is a bacterial superinfection. This is why it is all the more important to use a throat medicine that not only alleviates the pain, but also fights the bacterial pathogens and thus slows down the infection before a sore throat gets worse.

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