Hoarseness and irritation of the throat are typical symptoms of laryngitis. Occasionally, those suffering from laryngitis temporarily lose their voice. Both pathogens and vocal overload (e.g. in singers and teachers) can play a role in developing laryngitis. Consistently resting the voice is the top priority during treatment.

Laryngitis - Fact sheet

  • Medical term Laryngitis (from larynx, commonly called the voice box)
  • Causes:
    Viral or bacterial pathogens; frequently also overuse of the voice
  • Symptoms:
    Hoarseness, loss of voice, urge to cough, burning/scratching sensation in the throat, sore throat. Chronic laryngitis: foreign body sensation
  • Treatment:
    Resting the voice, nicotine abstention, mucolytic agents (cough remedies, inhalation treatments), if necessary antibiotics; Dorithricin® for sore throat

Laryngitis: Causes

When identifying the causes of laryngitis, it is important to differentiate between acute and chronic laryngitis.

Acute laryngitis – possible causes:

  • Viral infections of the nose, sinuses or tonsils
  • Bacterial infection (often bacterial superinfection, which develops on top of a viral infection)
  • Voice overuse in professionals, such as teachers or singers
  • Inhalation of irritant gases

Chronic laryngitis – possible causes:

  • Voice overuse
  • Nicotine consumption
  • Increased breathing through the mouth (when nasal breathing is impaired)

Laryngitis: Symptoms

In particular pronounced hoarseness ("croaking" voice) or even complete voice loss are typical of laryngitis. A dry burning or scratching sensation in the throat as well as an urge to cough and pain when attempting to swallow or speak are possible, too.

Those suffering from chronic laryngitis often have a foreign body sensation in the throat and constantly feel the need to clear their throat.

Laryngitis: Treatment

Various treatment options are available for laryngitis.

These include:

  • Consistently resting the voice (no speaking, whispering or clearing the throat)
  • No smoking
  • Mucolytic cough remedies
  • Inhalation
  • If necessary, antibiotics to treat bacterial pathogens (these require a medical prescription)
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Supportive treatment:
Rapid pain relief with Dorithricin®

Dorithricin® is suitable for the supportive treatment of laryngitis, providing quick, effective and long-lasting relief from sore throat. This is because Dorithricin® contains a proven local analgesic. Thanks to the accurate dosing (“as much as necessary, as little as possible”), it alleviates the pain without causing unpleasant numbness.

Good to know:
In addition to the local analgesic, Dorithricin® contains two other active ingredients which mutually complement each other in their antibacterial effect. The natural anti-infective tyrothricin plays a central role in this process: In addition to its excellent antibacterial effects, it also has local immune-stimulating properties. In combination with the other ingredients, it effectively targets the typical "cold viruses".2 The unique active ingredient formula in Dorithricin® effectively relieves a sore throat in more than just one way.

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