Tips for treating swallowing difficulties

Drink plenty of fluids

If you’re experiencing discomfort when swallowing, be sure to drink plenty of fluids. This is the best way to keep the irritated mucous membranes moist. Treat yourself to a cup of warm chamomile tea. You can also drink non-carbonated mineral water to ensure that you drink the recommended volume of about 2 litres per day.

Extra tip:
Additionally humidify the air in your home, for example by hanging moist cloths over a drying rack. This provides additional moisture from outside.

Abstain from nicotine

Smoking is off-limits if you’re having difficulties swallowing. You should also make sure that you are not exposed to passive smoke, because this also causes unnecessary irritation of the mucous membranes. And since alcohol further stresses the pharyngeal mucosa, you should switch to alcohol-free beverages.

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Dorithricin® throat lozenges

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Another advantage: The local anti-infective tyrothricin exerts its antibacterial effects without the risk of developing a resistance. In combination with the other active substances, it also fights various virus strains known as "cold viruses”.2 In addition, it has local immune-stimulating properties and is supplemented by a local antiseptic.

Dorithricin® Throat Lozenges are extremely well-tolerated and also suitable for children as soon as they are able to suck on lozenges without a risk of choking.

Dorithricin® is available from your local pharmacy without a prescription.

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Home-made curd compresses

Curd compresses are a well-established additional home remedy for treating swallowing difficulties. This is because curd has a cooling effect and is therefore particularly suitable for providing relief from swallowing difficulties.

Simply spread a thin layer of fresh curd on a kitchen towel and place the coated side of the towel against the throat. Secure the towel with a scarf and leave it there until the curd has dried (usually after 1-2 hours). This type of compress can be applied multiple times.

When to visit your doctor

In some cases, swallowing difficulties should be a reason to visit the doctor. This is particularly true if symptoms persist for an extended period of time or are particularly severe. Visiting your doctor is also important if you are experiencing concomitant symptoms such as headache, pain in the limbs and joints, fever and/or reddened, purulent tonsils. The same applies if you develop a skin rash in connection with the swallowing difficulties.

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*for age information please refer to the package leaflet in your country or ask your local chemist or doctor