Study confirms antiviral effect

Study confirms effectiveness against viruses2

A scientific in-vitro study demonstrated that the active ingredients in Dorithricin® are not only effective against bacteria, but also against various cold viruses.

For this purpose, the cold viruses respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), human rhinovirus (HRV14) and the flu virus influenza H1N1 were added to cultured cells. Normally, the viruses then infect the cells and multiply inside the cells. When a solution of Dorithricin® tablets was added to the test, it was shown that the rate of infection in the cells was lower.

Conclusion: Dorithricin® not only has analgesic, antibacterial, disinfecting properties and stimulates the general immune system, it also has an antiviral effect.

Works within minutes1
Lasts for hours1
Fights bacteria and viruses2
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My fast throat medicine
Fast. Powerful. Well tolerated.

Thanks to the medically intelligent composition, Dorithricin® has a broad spectrum of activity: Dorithricin® not only provides rapid and lasting pain relief, it also specifically targets bacteria and viruses. In doing so, Dorithricin® slows down the infection before a sore throat gets worse.

The special anaesthetic agent quickly and effectively relieves the nagging sore throat without creating an unpleasant numb feeling in the mouth.

Good to know
Dorithricin® Throat Lozenges are well tolerated. Therefore, they are also suitable for children from the age of 2 as soon as they are able to suck on lozenges in a controlled manner.

Dorithricin® Throat Lozenges are also available with a wild berry flavour – which children* find particularly tasty.*

*The approved age for Dorithricin® may vary in different countries. Please refer to the local package leaflet or ask your doctor or pharmacist.

1 Palm et al., Int J Clin Pract. 2018; e13272.
2 Schmidbauer M., 2015: Dorithricin® wirkt antiviral (in vitro). Pharm. Ztg., 160. Jahrgang, 38. Ausg.: S. 48–52.